We Care About Kids

Dr. Gravino and our expert team will make sure your child feels as comfortable as possible whenever they visit our office. Using advanced techniques that greatly reduce chair time, coupled with compassion and a little fun, most all of our young patients look forward to their visit to the dentist!

In our office, we teach children how to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime and encourage children of all ages to employ proper home care. At about age two-and-a-half, we look forward to seeing them for “chair rides,” which enables them to become acquainted with the team and equipment in a more casual atmosphere, and then for their first cleaning when they’re three years old.

Our goal is to do everything possible to ensure that this and future generations of children grow up with healthy, happy dental experiences, and our many satisfied parents say we are doing just that! Our office is a calm and inviting place that children love to visit. Whether you have a tentative seven-year-old or a boisterous three-year-old, we are here to help you.

A Lifetime of Good Dental Habits

Many factors contribute to your child’s teeth being very susceptible to cavities when they’re young.  Children don’t have the necessary coordination to brush correctly on their own.  Because of this, it is vital for parents to assist in their child’s daily hygiene. This encourages both thorough cleaning and the learning of proper dental habits.

Little kids often “graze” – eating frequently throughout the day. This results in an extended exposure to food acids, which may create more cavities.  The good news is that recognizing poor dietary and hygiene habits, along with applying a fluoride varnish to the mineralizing teeth, can drastically reduce the odds of your child incurring a cavity.

Preventing Tooth Decay with Sealants

Dental sealants help to protect those hard-to-reach brushing areas that can escape both children and adults.  A preventative coating seals the deep grooves giving teeth an extra layer of protection from damaging bacteria.   

In about the same time as a cleaning, our expert hygienist will have the sealants applied, and have you on your way.  Sealants are one of the best things that can be done to prevent damage and safeguard natural teeth!

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