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Why You Probably Should Not Use Mail-Order Aligners

Mail-order Aligners can be very dangerous for your teeth. Mail-order aligner companies offer teeth straightening without dental consultation. The offer may look good because it seems affordable and easy to fix crooked teeth, but you might end up spending more money, and it could even make your bite worse.

Invisalign clear aligner treatment needs doctor supervision, and this treatment at home can worsen your condition. When you read reviews of mail-order teeth aligner companies online, you'll see they prioritize profit over your unique smile. They focus on making money, not on your specific needs.

You might not get your teeth aligned properly if you order from companies like Smile Direct or Byte aligners. These companies are very close to going out of business because of their bad services.

For Invisalign clear aligners, you need a highly qualified and experienced Invisalign dentist like Dr. Nick Gravino. He carefully evaluates your unique condition and creates a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs. He also schedules follow-up appointments to monitor your progress with the treatment.

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What Are Mail-Order Aligners?

Mail-order aligners are teeth straightening aligners delivered to your door, promising a perfect smile without seeing a dentist. This process is risky. It includes making a mold of your teeth. The company then creates aligners without checking your teeth and bone structure.

Buying things by mail can be inexpensive and simple, but it might lead to dental issues. Fixing these issues could end up costing more money. So, beware before going for mail-order aligners, as today's savings may damage your smile tomorrow.

Never take risks for your amazing, beautiful, confident smile because it is the first impression of your personality.

Can Mail Order Aligners Be Dangerous for Me?

Yes! More than 2,300 dissatisfied customers complained against Smile Direct Club to the Better Business Bureau regarding issues with their mail-delivered teeth straighteners.

Several accounts emphasize the hazardous and challenging problems associated with mail-order aligners. We suggest meeting with a dentist in person before choosing mail-order aligners for your smile.

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'Things didn't feel right': Some SmileDirectClub customers report problems.

AG Racine Sues SmileDirectClub for Making Consumers Sign Confidentiality Agreements to Receive Promised Refunds.

I got an opinion from an orthodontist after signing up with Smile Direct Club.

Is Smile Direct Club a SCAM?

The Downsides of Mail-Order Aligners

Downsides to mail-order aligners exist, which you should not ignore for your dream smile. The mail-order aligners are not suitable for you in many ways. Let's dive into these potential downsides or side effects of mail-order aligners:

Lack of Professional Checkup

A big issue with mail aligners is the lack of professional support while straightening teeth. When you choose our Invisalign treatment plan to get the smile of your dreams, our expert dentist, Dr. Nick Gravino, is with you at every step and adjusts treatment according to your needs.

Risks With Self-Diagnosis and Treatment

It's dangerous to diagnose and treat yourself for dental issues. This can cause severe problems and even lead to tooth loss. If you have undiagnosed gum disease, using mail-order aligners could worsen and harm your oral health.

Incorrect Use of Aligners

Without guidance from a professional dentist, you may misuse the mail-order clear aligners. Not following instructions can harm your teeth, leading to issues like misalignment, irritation, and tooth loss. Following dental care guidelines is essential.

Lack of Personalization

Another critical concern with mail-order aligners is that they lack personalization for you. Your bone structure and teeth are unique and need personalized solutions to get a beautiful smile. The one-size-fits-all approach of mail-order aligners can cause irritability and harm your dental health.

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Why Choose Nick Gravino for Your Beautiful Charismatic Smile?

Are you wondering why seeing a dentist for teeth straightening is better than using mail-order aligners? Our expert dentist has been given the award of "Cleveland's Top Dentists" by Cleveland Magazine 15 years in a row, from 2009 to 2024, for general cosmetic dentistry.

He is a Gold-level Invisalign provider to hundreds of people. There are also several other factors that help you choose Nick Gravino DDS over mail-order aligners. Let's have a look at these factors:

  • Additional Costs: Mail-order companies may require you to pay separately for X-rays, scans, or dental impressions. When you choose Invisalign from Dr. Nick Gravino, our dentist, these treatments are part of the package you receive.

  • Lack of Orthodontic Acceleration: Mail-order aligner companies do not offer Orthodontic Acceleration, a service that can help to reduce your treatment time from years to months. You must visit our qualified dentist in person to have this service.

  • Risk of Faulty Impressions: Some companies expect you to make dental impressions of your teeth at home. This is a skill that can only be done by an experienced dentist. A faulty mold can lead to ill-fitting aligners, causing future dental problems. Our modern practice uses a 3D laser scanner, not traditional impression materials.

  • Not Suitable for Everyone: Our dentist takes your complete examination before starting the treatment. In case of other dental issues, our experienced dentist may recommend different treatments. Mail-order services will not provide you with this level of personalized evaluation.

  • Improper Adjustments: Without regular scans and checkups to monitor your progress, mail-order teeth aligners might lose their tracking, potentially causing damage to your jaw, bite, or teeth.

  • Outdated Technology: Our Invisalign system is continuously updating and improving. Mail-order systems may use lower-quality materials or outdated dental technology, which could be ineffective and harmful to your health.

  • Potential for Higher Costs in the Long Run: Irregular checkups and adjustments to your aligner trays can lead to problems that may result in serious dental issues. Fixing these issues could become costly, making mail-order invisible aligners more expensive over time.

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