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Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

Do you want to fast-track your journey toward an amazing, beautiful, confident smile? Accelerated orthodontics can provide you with an incredibly beautiful smile in a very short time. Orthodontic accelerator with Invisalign reduces the teeth alignment time by up to 50%.

Accelerated orthodontics is a new way to straighten teeth quickly, giving you a beautiful smile and boosting your confidence. Our dentist, Dr. Nick Gravino, is highly experienced in orthodontic acceleration and has treated numerous successful orthodontic acceleration patients.

Schedule your completely FREE, no obligation accelerated orthodontics consultation NOW and fast-track your journey toward an amazing, beautiful, charismatic smile.

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Are you looking to speed up your Invisalign or braces treatment? Are you looking for an orthodontist near you to get a quick teeth straightening treatment? You are at the right place. At Nick Gravino DDS, our experienced dentist uses accelerated orthodontics techniques paired with different types of braces, such as Invisalign braces, to reduce your teeth alignment duration.

Accelerated Orthodontics With Invisalign!

Our experienced dentist uses Invisalign to correct your misaligned teeth. Our dentists customize Invisalign to meet the needs of your unique conditions. Clear aligners are less noticeable and faster than traditional braces for straightening teeth and jaw alignment. To reduce the treatment time, accelerated orthodontics with Invisalign can most often provide you with a confident new smile in just 90-120 days.

The Process of Accelerated Orthodontics Treatment

Our skilled dentists and dental team work together to help you achieve a beautiful smile quickly. We use advanced dental technology to speed up the teeth straightening process, reducing three to eight months of treatment. Let's have a look at how this treatment will work for you

  1. Diagnostic X-rays: Before starting your treatment, our dental team will take x-rays of your gums for diagnosis. Your X-rays will allow our expert dentist to visualize the current position and bone structure of your teeth and jaw. Our orthodontist will plan your treatment with you according to these X-ray results.

  2. Examination:After X-rays, our dentist, Dr. Nick Gravino, examines your smile to assess the bone structure under your gums. This step will make sure that your oral health can withstand the orthodontic accelerator.

  3. Pre-Treatment Consultation:Our expert dentists will guide you through the entire acceleration process, ensuring you understand what to expect during your treatment. Additionally, we'll apply local anesthesia to numb your mouth for a comfortable experience.

  4. Pinhole Treatments:Your Acceleration procedure involves creating pinholes between your teeth. This process helps your bone growth, making your tooth movement faster and more comfortable.

Our dentists offer an efficient teeth-straightening solution for you by combining acceleration technology with Invisalign clear aligners that are comfortable and effective.

What Accelerated Orthodontic Offers?

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Nick Gravino, provides accelerated orthodontic treatment to expedite your teeth alignment process. Short treatment time is the main benefit of this treatment.

Accelerated orthodontic treatment for your child can give them confidence and a beautiful smile before they start school. Now, you don't have to wear braces for years and feel embarrassed about your aesthetics. It reduces the inconvenience of wearing braces for years and the treatment time for Invisalign.

Schedule your completely FREE, no-obligation accelerated orthodontics consultation NOW and fast-track your journey toward an amazing, beautiful, charismatic smile.

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How Accelerated Orthodontics Help You?

Accelerated orthodontics can help you confidently display your straight, bright smile at important events. These events may include weddings, graduations, or job interviews. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. A confident, charming smile can impress others and even help you get a job.

With Nick Gravino's Accelerated Orthodontics, these are not just only dreams but visible realities within your control.

Our dentist assists teenagers who wear Invisalign braces to complete their treatment before the new school year begins. This way, you can enjoy your summer without concern about their braces. Our fast-tracked treatment avoids disrupting your academic and social life while achieving the desired results.

To get the advantages of Accelerated Orthodontics, our experienced dentist's expertise is indispensable for your safe, efficient, and brilliant treatment journey.

Shedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Nick Gravino for fast orthodontic treatment and achieve your perfect smile quickly.

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Best Candidates for Accelerated Orthodontics!

Our Orthodontics acceleration process straightens your teeth quickly without disrupting your daily life, giving you peace of mind with speedy results. According to expert orthodontists, this treatment suits all genders and ages. It can become more beneficial for the following candidates:

  1. Teens: Our Accelerated Orthodontics is best for those teens who want to have straight teeth before the next school year begins. Students can complete this treatment during the summer break, minimizing disruption to their academic life.

  2. Professionals: For adults with demanding careers, wearing traditional braces or lingual braces for several years can be unattractive. Our fast orthodontic treatment helps busy professionals get the results they want quicker, with fewer dental appointments needed.

  3. Wedding Planners: Dr. Nick Gravino offers fast orthodontic treatment to provide you a beautiful amazing smile before your wedding day for a perfect smile. You can show your confident, beautiful smile with our accelerated Invisalign treatment during your memorable moments.

Take the First Step Toward Your Dream Smile Today!

Now, you don't have to wait for years to get your dream smile. Dr. Nick Gravino, with years of experience, uses a unique technique to speed up your teeth straightening treatment. Call Us Now at (440) 871-7040 for a Completely FREE, no-obligation consultation for Accelerated Orthodontics and start your journey toward an amazing, beautiful, charismatic new smile.

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Call us now at (440) 871-7040 to schedule your FREE consultation with our expert dentist. Let our friendly, highly experienced, and caring dental team help you achieve a beautiful and confident smile in no time.

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