Congratulations on choosing a dentist who is committed to your health! In today’s corporate climate, choosing the right dentist for you is imperative. Too often, we hear stories of patients who visit the dentist regularly and still experience disease, decay, and imbalance. We are here to help.

We Take the Time to Care

We believe that really getting to know you, and your dental story, is an important part of thorough dental care and the foundation for a trusting relationship. It takes time. That is why we invest two hours at your initial new patient evaluation, and at least one hour at each subsequent preventive visit.

We Are Committed to the Highest Quality Materials and Technology

Think about that for a moment. Dr. Gravino is faced with a myriad of choices when it comes to dental materials, supplies, and technologies. These choices, along with the doctor’s skill, are the most important factors in successful treatment. This takes commitment.  It also takes a conscious will to put your oral health at the forefront of every decision.

Dental technologies continue to advance at an astonishing pace, and at our office, you will benefit from all that is new and good!            Digital X-rays have almost undetectable radiation, new hygiene instruments and techniques provide improved comfort, crowns that can be made in one visit are faster, yes, but they are also strong. Coupled with Dr. Gravino’s commitment to excellent skills, you will receive treatment that looks and functions just like the teeth you were born with – and sometimes better!  We’ve found that most other dentists are not committed to this high level of caring detail.

We Empower Our Team

Dr. Gravino recognizes that when every member of our team truly believes in patient-centered care, everyone wins!  He encourages our individual growth, both personal and professional, and provides opportunities for that to happen. Our entire team is passionate about dentistry and is dedicated to caring for you.  As a result of being believed in, respected, and encouraged by Dr. Gravino, we will consistently deliver an experience that will make you feel confident in us and genuinely cared for. We’re pretty fun to be around, too!

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