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Laser Gum Treatment Near You At Bay Village

Laser Gum Treatments are modern, minimally invasive procedures for treating your gum disease. We use laser technology to remove harmful bacteria from the gums without hurting the healthy tissue. These gum disease treatments are better than surgery because they are more comfortable and heal faster.

Do you have pain and swelling in your gums? Do you have constant embarrassing bad breath? Have you been told that you need gingivitis treatment or even periodontal disease treatment? You are not alone.

Many people have these oral hygiene needs. We specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease.

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What Is A Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a common but preventable oral health condition characterized by inflammation and infection of the gums. Primarily caused by the buildup of plaque that forms on your teeth, it can lead to gum irritation, redness, swelling, and bleeding. If left untreated, gum disease can progress to more serious stages, causing the gums to pull away from the teeth and form pockets that harbor bacteria. In its advanced stage, known as periodontitis, it can result in tooth loss and damage to the jawbone.

The importance of treatment of gingivitis cannot be overstated. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory problems, not just issues with teeth and gums. Treatments like laser gum treatment offer a precise and minimally invasive solution to gum surgery, effectively addressing the condition and promoting healthy gums.

Laser Gum Treatment What Is It?

Laser Gum Treatment is a cutting-edge technique in periodontal therapy. It is a revolutionary approach to treating gum disease. It uses the precision of laser therapy technology to selectively remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue while preserving your healthy gum tissue.

The science behind this treatment centers around using a specialized PerioLase MVP-7 laser. This specific laser wavelength targets and eliminates bacteria and diseased tissue while leaving your healthy tissue unharmed. It promotes faster healing and regeneration of your gum tissue.

Who Can Get Laser Gum Treatment?

Almost anyone suffering from periodontal disease is a potential candidate for laser gum treatment. This includes those who have not responded well to traditional periodontal treatments, those with sensitive teeth and gums, and even those with more severe cases of periodontitis. However, as with any medical procedure, a thorough evaluation by a dental professional is necessary to determine if the laser gum treatment is the best treatment for you.

Laser Gum Treatment Process

The laser gum treatment process typically involves several stages. Firstly, a periodontal pocket depth assessment is conducted to understand the extent of the disease. The PerioLase laser is then used to remove your diseased tissue and bacteria in the periodontal pockets while preserving your healthy gum tissue.

Next, ultrasonic scalers are used to remove tartar deposits from your teeth. The laser is used to clean the area and stop bleeding, helping the wound heal in a safe environment.

Finally, we will provide healing instructions and schedule a follow-up visit to ensure your healing process is successful after the procedure. Overall, the laser gum treatment process is a minimally invasive yet highly effective method for treating gum disease.

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Benefits of Laser Gum Treatments At Nick D. Gravino, DDS

Laser gum treatments offered at Nick D. Gravino, DDS, provide many benefits over traditional gum disease treatment methods.

Laser Gum Treatment Benefits!

Laser treatment offers several advantages over traditional gum disease surgery. It is less invasive than traditional methods, resulting in less post-operative pain and quicker recovery times. The PerioLase laser can remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue precisely without harming healthy tissue. This helps healing and regeneration to happen faster.

Also, it can help decrease gum disease by reducing pocket depth and promoting the regrowth of bone lost to periodontitis.

Laser gum treatment can reduce bleeding, swelling, and sensitivity after periodontal treatment, making recovery more comfortable for patients.

Take the Next Step Toward Healthy Gums and Teeth

Don't let gum disease compromise your oral health and quality of life. Seek the innovative, less invasive, and highly effective laser gum treatments offered at Nick D. Gravino, DDS.

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