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Naturally Beautiful Crowns Made the Same Day

Exciting advances in dental technology have streamlined the process of creating exceptional crowns.  Now, instead of temporaries, two visits, and a three-week wait, you can have your new permanent crown made and placed the same day!  With CEREC computer-aided design and milling, the fit will be perfect, the crown will be durable, and Dr. Gravino’s intricate staining and glazing process will simulate the look of your natural teeth. Our patients are loving the convenience – and the results!

The process is easy. With a specialized hand-held camera, a detailed digital image is captured and displayed on our computer screen. (This takes the place of those goopy impressions!)  Dr. Gravino then digitally designs the restoration and the CEREC milling unit fabricates the crown.  Dr. Gravino then uses an multi-step staining and glazing technique so that the crown exactly matches your surrounding teeth. (Other dental offices may not take the time to do this step).  Once perfect, Dr. Gravino will place your permenent crown- all in a few hours!  

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