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Digital Smile Design

Are you looking for a picture-perfect and attractive smile? Do you want a Hollywood smile makeover? We have an amazing way to get your dream smile that aligns with your facial aesthetics!

Nick Gravino, DDS, provides Digital Smile Design (DSD), a modern dental technique in our smile dentistry. This technique uses state-of-the-art technology to produce a virtual image of your perfect smile. This picture helps our expert cosmetic dentists work with you to make a unique, beautiful and life-like smile that fits your desires.

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DSD considers your facial and oral features, ensuring your new smile perfectly aligns with your unique characteristics. This method lets you preview the end outcome before beginning, helping you reach your desired smile more easily.

Working on Digital Smile Design!

Our experienced dentists begin the process of DSD by capturing your dental and facial dimensions using advanced digital scanners. This digital representation creates a detailed blueprint for your future confident smile.

Next, our DSD software manipulates the digital model to demonstrate potential smile modifications. Our software shows how your new smile will look by combining your facial and dental measurements. It will allow you and our expert dentist to select a specific treatment for your perfect smile.

Once our expert dentist, Dr. Nick Gravino, creates the plan, we will use a digital guide for the treatment. The digital guide or image will help in carrying out the treatment effectively.

Process of Digital Smile Design

Our process for your dream smile starts with a FREE consultation with our expert dentist, Dr. Nick Gravino. He discusses your concerns, goals, and expectations for your new smile. Our collaborative approach enhances your satisfaction and gives you a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.

Our advanced digital scanners capture detailed images and measurements of your smile, mouth, and facial structure. This data forms the basis for your digital design. Our dental team utilizes DSD software to create a digital model of your smile and demonstrate the necessary changes.

Looking over the DSD software's discoveries with our dentist on the proposed design will provide valuable feedback and confirm the necessary changes for your smile. This process ensures that the final design aligns with your expectations. Once you are satisfied with the digital mock-up, we will approve your treatment. We will start the treatment after approval and will require a post-treatment checkup.

Understanding the Fibonacci Series and the Golden Ratio of Beauty in DSD

Leonardo of Pisa discovered the Fibonacci series in the 13th century. It is an infinite sequence where a number is the sum of its preceding two numbers starting from 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8.... and so on. This sequence represents some of the natural phenomena, such as the number of petals on a flower, arrangement of leaves, etc. The same process designs your smile, determining the size of your teeth using this sequence.

The Golden Ratio, often symbolized by the Greek letter phi (φ), is approximately 1.61803398875. It's a common ratio in nature and design that creates pleasing compositions with a natural feel. In the Fibonacci sequence, you achieve the Golden Ratio by dividing a number by its immediate predecessor. As the numbers increase, this ratio gets closer to the value of the Golden Ratio.

Our dentists use the Golden Ratio to check the balance and proportions of your face for beauty and aesthetics. This idea says that faces are more attractive when they are closer to the proportions and symmetry of φ.

Digital Smile Design, the Fibonacci series, and the Golden Ratio all aim to create beauty, symmetry, and harmony. In cosmetic dentistry, these mathematical principles guide the aesthetic transformation and treatment of smiles.

Our dentist, Dr. Nick Gravino, uses math in Digital Smile Design to ensure your smile looks balanced and proportional. These mathematic principles help our dentist create a natural and aesthetically pleasing smile for you.

Dr. Gravino's expertise in using these concepts ensures that your smile is both beautiful and harmonious. We provide you with a smile that matches your facial features by considering the size and shape of your teeth.

Our Smile Design Dentistry

Nick Gravino, DDS, makes a complete picture of your personalized and perfect future smile. We use high-tech tools to make designing your smile faster and show you how it will look before starting treatment. After a thorough examination, our experienced dentist, Dr. Nick Gravino, suggests a treatment that aligns with your unique needs. These treatments give you a beautiful, confident, and charismatic smile.

Our treatment options include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, dental bonding, and other procedures to prevent tooth decay. Teeth filling can make discolored teeth look better and prevent gum disease, giving you a nice smile with tooth-colored fillings. Our Hollywood smile procedures include dental crowns, veneers, and Invisalign.

Design your smile with our dental team to boost your confidence and satisfaction by getting the smile you've always wanted. We promise you the best smile transformation with a 100% guarantee.

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Don't wait to start your journey toward a more confident and radiant smile. With Dr. Nick Gravino's expert application of the Fibonacci Series, Golden Ratio, and Digital Smile Design principles, you're guaranteed a result that is not only a beautiful smile but uniquely yours. Schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Gravino today to start working toward the smile you've always wanted.

Schedule your Completely FREE, no-obligation cosmetic digital smile design consultation at (440) 871-7040 and design the smile of your dreams.

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