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The practice of dentistry continues to improve in amazing ways! Dr. Gravino is committed to staying at the forefront of these changes and implementing the ones that are proven to have a positive impact on your health. Modern advances mean earlier detection, improved precision, and more comfortable treatment than ever before, and we are excited to share them with you!

Improved Visualization with Digital X-rays

Digital Dental X-rays Bay Village OHDigital X-rays produce specialized viewing options that are not possible with conventional film systems. A small digital sensor inserted inside your mouth takes individual images and displays them on a monitor. Without modifying the original data, images can be enhanced, rotated, or colorized. With digital files, recent images can even be layered over previously captured images to expose changes to dental health. In addition, this new technology lowers your exposure to radiation by 75% as compared to traditional non-digital X-rays. Because no developing chemicals are needed, this style of X-ray is also environmentally friendly. In addition, we conduct panoramic digital X-rays that take a full picture of your upper and lower jaws in one shot.

Intra-Oral Camera Makes You a Part of the Team

Dr. Gravino believes that achieving optimal dental health takes an entire team. He also recognizes that when you are able to clearly see areas in your mouth that are of concern, using an intra-oral camera, then you can fully participate in the critical decisions that involve your oral health. This miniaturized video camera is an amazing tool that provides important details of the inside of your mouth, and when it comes to your teeth and gums, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words!

CEREC™ Same-Day Crowns

Dental Crowns Dentist Bay Village OHYou will love this exciting technology! Dr. Gravino waited over 15 years for this technology to reach the level of quality that he demands for your health. Finally, in 2013, we began to offer these fantastic crowns. For a detailed explanation, please click here to view the CEREC page of our website.

Digital Impressions for Laboratory-Fabricated Crowns

Using 3-D technology, Dr. Gravino counts on the Cadent iTero™ to make highly detailed digital impressions when creating bridges and crowns in tandem with the dental lab. Scanning the area with a simple digital wand now takes the place of the goopy plaster impressions! These digital images are also incredibly accurate and all but guarantee the perfect fit of your new teeth.

35mm Photography – Pictures Tell the Story

Dr. Gravino takes excellent photographs of your teeth – and a lot of them! Properly taken, they reveal the story of your health and are an integral guide to restoring proper function and gorgeous aesthetics. From simple crowns to complex full-mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Gravino uses photographs from beginning to end. They lay the foundation for shape, color, and translucency, and are indispensable when creating proper spatial measurements, function, and life-like aesthetics. You can trust that Dr. Gravino takes the time necessary, and utilizes the best technologies, to deliver truly exceptional dental restorations – every time!

Isolite™ – An Advance in Patient Comfort

Comfortable Dental Care Bay Village OHIsolite has transformed the field of dentistry! This amazing tool combines a spotlight that illuminates the oral cavity coupled with a strong suction device that keeps your teeth and gums dry. With better lighting and a dryer work area comes greater precision. Treatments can proceed more quickly, and the use of the Isolite device can also reduce mouth strain, because it supports your mouth in an open position. We strive to offer every amenity that will improve your comfort, and the Isolite hits a home run every time!

Going Above and Beyond to Safeguard Your Health!

Purified Water in Dental CareWe take our commitment to your health seriously, and that is why Dr. Gravino has chosen to go beyond what is required by using the DentaPure® waterline purification cartridges to treat the water running throughout our entire office. The DentaPure system ensures that the water we use during your treatment remains clean and pure. This becomes especially important when your dentition may be exposed or if your gum tissues become compromised. You can trust that your safety and health will always be our top priority!

Vibration Cleans Teeth Fast!

Our expert hygienists just love using the Piezo Scaler™! They believe this advanced instrument is the most proficient way to get your teeth as clean as possible. The Piezo employs high-frequency vibrations to easily remove deposits faster and more completely than conventional instruments. Using this instrument, complemented by our hygienists’ soft touch, makes for an extremely comfortable visit. Your teeth will have never felt so clean!

Technology to Keep Mercury Out!

Mercury Free Dentistry Bay Village OHAccording to the EPA, the way a dental office chooses to dispose of the amalgam (or silver) material that is removed from a patient’s teeth can have a significant impact on the mercury levels in our water supply. Until recently, there were very few states that required this process, Ohio being one that did NOT. Dr. Gravino, however, believes in safeguarding our environment and recognized the need for action. For over eight years, we have utilized a technology called an “amalgam separator.” This device ensures that our amalgam waste is separated, caught, and disposed of before it ever has a chance to reach a water treatment plant. We are now thrilled to mention that in December 2016 the EPA has mandated that every dental office employ an amalgam separator by the end of 2019. Once again, you can trust that Dr. Gravino is committed to remaining at the forefront of technologies that improve your health and the environment as well!

Introducing Laser Dental Procedures

FDA-approved dental lasers reduce pain and speed healing! Dr. Gravino uses advanced laser techniques to accomplish treatments that previously required scalpels or incisions. These less-invasive procedures generate improved results and promote quicker healing. He can cosmetically remove uneven gummy smile lines, clean and shape inflamed tissue around crowns, stop gum disease, and heal painful canker sores and mouth ulcers with immediate relief! You will be impressed!

For Your Peak Athletic Performance

Athletics Mouthguards Dentist Bay Village OHWhen it comes to increased power and strength, properly aligned jaw joints and muscles are an important part of training to your optimum capacity. We offer all types of custom-made athletic mouthguards, depending on your sport and level of desired protection. We are also a certified provider of the UnderArmour ArmourBite Mouthguard™. This custom-fitted mouthguard distills 40 years of proven neuromuscular dentistry research into a device that gives an extra edge to your training. Whether you look for improved balance, additional endurance, greater strength, or more power, ask us how we can custom make the best mouthguard for you.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (440) 871-7040.