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Your Comfort

Relaxing Through Your Dental Care

Improved comfort, a relaxed atmosphere, and a stress-free visit are at the top of Dr. Gravino’s list of things to accomplish for each of his patients. This is why he insists on special touches such as quiet handpieces and room-temperature water, which is more comfortable on non-anesthetized teeth. He also utilizes Septocaine™, which requires less anesthetic to be administered.

In addition, we take your comfort to an even higher level with noise-canceling headphones, music of your choice, personal lip balm, warm towels, and aromatherapy. Our passion is to see you smile, and we believe these touches are a unique way to make that happen each time you visit.

Dental Sedation Dentist Bay Village OHGoing a Step Further with Oral Conscious Sedation

Sometimes fully letting go of your dental anxiety requires a little bit more help. If you or a loved one breaks into a cold sweat at the thought of going to the dentist, we have a simple solution. One hour prior to your appointment, you take a pill that we have dispensed to you. You will achieve a level of sedation that permits you to respond to questions but mostly doze through your entire visit. This is perfect for fearful people or those who have a hectic schedule and want to get all their treatment accomplished in one visit.

More Comfortable Check-Up X-rays

With our new, state-of-the-art, digital panoramic machine, we are now able to take your check-up (bitewing) X-rays without using a square sensor! Now, all you need to do is stand and rest your head on the guide. The machine will circle your head, just like a traditional panorex film. We call these new films “pano bitewings,” and our patients just love it, especially those with a severe gag reflex, because there is no need to put anything deep into the mouth. It’s as easy as stand…bite…done!

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